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Wild Things! January 07 2018, 0 Comments

This is awesome! 

The only thing it seems to be missing more shades of women (it's pretty white), but it certainly captures the spirit of adventurous women everywhere. 

Visit The Oatmeal for Coffee Related Happiness June 30 2017, 0 Comments

Because one of the best comics ever is The Oatmeal, and I love Coffee, here's one more! 15 things Worth Knowing about COFFEE.

The Oatmeal Coffee shot

Totes Adorable! May 29 2017, 0 Comments

We're feeling a whole lotta love for the newest member of the AM Adventures family. This tote is your go-to bag for whatever you're up to. Skip the plastic bag at the store because you've got room for a few things. It could hold your essentials, or be your new wine smuggler. Hey, we don't judge.  Click the photo to find your Pretty in Pink Three Sisters Tote. We will have a few on our days at Canmore Mountain Market this year! Our first Thursday at the market will be June 1, but remember, the market begins May 25, 2017.

Coffee Science! May 28 2017, 0 Comments

Sometimes I go to sleep a little early because what I'd really like to do is wake up. My favourite part of waking up is coffee. I love the flavour, and if it's a really good coffee, I don't even care if it's decaf, or instant Starbucks, or even that Nescafe Espresso Powder. How about a little Coffee Science?

Coffee Chart

Making the Meaning March 30 2016, 0 Comments

This post has *nothing* to do with leggings and photography, but this message is so worthwhile. I hope you love it too! 
I love this SO much. It's advice from the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson, turned into a cartoon by artist Gavin Aung Than at (link goes to his 'about' page). It was somewhere in my Facebook news feed this week, and it echoes my feelings exactly. What you do with your life should be on purpose. Drifting along letting other values shape your days isn't much of a goal, but it's easy. It's safe. I'm in awe of people who figure this out and do what's important to them even when it's not popular, or common. Our personal sense of meaning changes over time. It's a moving target. This wonderful cartoon made me sniffly, and as the kids say these days, I felt many feels. 
Zen Pencils also has an online store that is worth checking out here
Advice from the creator of Calvin and Hobbes

The Sky Makes it March 12 2016, 0 Comments

Photography can be a speculative pursuit. Sometimes I take my camera out with an image in my head I'd like to make, and it totally comes together. The light is the right colour and intensity, the sky is dramatic, and I can find the lines. Other times, it's flat and grey outside, nothing stands out. There are days that the camera stays home in bed, and would be images call out to me. "Come back to this one when the sky is right!" It's nature's version of "Call me, maybe". So I keep the potential shot in mind, and watch the sky. Trail running is particularly good for turning up new, beautiful angles of familiar sights. Usually, I just want the image for myself, but lately, my motivation is to make something more than I would print for the wall. I want to style my favourites into a fun pair of leggings. Or a beanie...or a dress.

I have a favourite spot that I just can NOT get enough of near my home in Canmore. This image of it was swimming through my head for many weeks before the sky granted my wish and sent flirtatious orange rays across the sky, and the clouds looked appropriately serious. I had no idea what I would even make with this one, I just really liked it. Now, this image, titled Daybreak, lives on the Rocky Mountain Soap Co Women's Run Capri length design for 2016. You can see Ha Ling, and to the right of that, EEOR (East End of Rundle). It's also on the matching beanie. If you're a freak for the family of colours in the bright blue / aqua / teal neighbourhood, like I am, you're in for a treat. The plaid accent is a happy shade of aqua.

 Daybreak RMS Womens Run Beanie


Things to do near Canmore: Natural Bridge / Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park March 07 2016, 0 Comments

The Natural Bridge in Yoho is about 1:15 away from Canmore. It's a lovely stop on a drive, or a destination for exploring. During the icy/snowy spring conditions, exploring is a little more challenging. Yak Trax, or even ice cleats would have been a good idea for this last trip. Emerald Lake is very close by, and has a wonderful trail all the way around the lake. This is a perfect day trip!


Pick your Favourite! February 29 2016, 0 Comments

I'm finalizing the design for the RMS Women's run design, and could use the little help with the bottom detail. They'll each print as a bright turquoise. 

What do you like best? These will be available for pre-orders very soon! 

Please share your comments, or vote on the AM Adventures Facebook Page.

RMS Women's Run Design 1

RMS Women's Run 2

Things to do near Canmore: Chester Lake Trail February 04 2016, 0 Comments

Chester Lake is a gorgeous snow shoe or ski in the winter. It is about 40 minutes away down the Spray Lakes Road just south of Canmore. The terrain is safe if you stay on the trail. The round trip is 9-10 km depending on whether you take the worthwhile side trip up to the Elephant Rocks. Mt Chester is on the way to Chester Lake and is just such a pretty mountain. It's even better on a cloudy day. Dramatic. Soaring. The image below is the design file for the beanie. 

Same day and next day shipping for in stock items! September 13 2015, 1 Comment

Would you like to order and have your items in just a couple of days? We have a few favourites in stock in a few sizes making it very easy to get them to you. Usually just two days. Same day or next business day shipping is available for Morning RUNdle Capris , Breathing Space Capris, and Strong and Free! All available in Lyra (25in Waist) / Scarlett (28in Waist)/ Anna (33in Waist)
Also shipping same day - there are two Scarlett sized Stormy Sisters Dresses left, and three Lyra Sized! These are the last of the SS dresses until Spring of 2016.

The Thursday market in Canmore goes until October 15th. We'll be there every week, rain, snow, or shine. There is also a Mountain Made Market at Elevation Place on Saturday, October 10th, and the Grizzly Ultra October 11th. 

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