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Same day and next day shipping for in stock items! September 13 2015, 1 Comment

Would you like to order and have your items in just a couple of days? We have a few favourites in stock in a few sizes making it very easy to get them to you. Usually just two days. Same day or next business day shipping is available for Morning RUNdle Capris , Breathing Space Capris, and Strong and Free! All available in Lyra (25in Waist) / Scarlett (28in Waist)/ Anna (33in Waist)
Also shipping same day - there are two Scarlett sized Stormy Sisters Dresses left, and three Lyra Sized! These are the last of the SS dresses until Spring of 2016.

The Thursday market in Canmore goes until October 15th. We'll be there every week, rain, snow, or shine. There is also a Mountain Made Market at Elevation Place on Saturday, October 10th, and the Grizzly Ultra October 11th. 

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