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Canmore Love June 04 2014, 0 Comments

At the end of May, AM Adventures was lucky enough to take part in the Expo at the RMS Women's Run. We had a draw for a pair of leggings, and the form included a couple of optional *fun* parts. These are some of the answers (many were used by more than one person) to Favourite things about Canmore - 
  • Scenery! And the runs! Love the bookstore!  (likely Cafe Books - My favourite too!)
  • People + mtn air :-)
  • Scenery / Lifestyle 
  • Mountains
  • Hiking with my friends
  • Shopping, beer, mountains
  • This run
  • Q Lake swimming on a hot day!!
  • Mountain running
  • Mountains, girlfriends, and good wine!
  • Beauty
  • Everything! 
We agree! Canmore is pretty cool. It's full of beauty, great shopping, yummy beer, and quite a few adventures. What's YOUR favourite thing about Canmore?

    Is this thing on? April 18 2014, 0 Comments

    Well hey there, fellow adventurer!

    I hope things are beautiful and awesome wherever you are.

    If by chance, life has flung some poo your way, you're in good company.

    The quote "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" has been attributed to Plato, to Philo of Alexandria, and to Ian McLaren. Wherever it came from, it is true! 

    LIfe can be such a mess, so painful, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

    Have you ever noticed that if things were great all the time, we'd never grow, change, stretch? Discomfort is just a part of the big ride. Anguish is just the flip side of ecstasy.

    Being cut wide open by something like a loss, or wanting what you can't have only means that something of enormous value is out of reach, but you've known it. Imagine if our losses meant nothing. Then we had nothing to begin with. What if we never felt the crushing desire for someone in our lives? Then we haven't known people who were beautiful inside, or brought us joy. 

    Maybe this is just my inner crazy artist talking, but some of life's absolute worst moments have given me a much needed shove out of complacency. Being forced to make changes can be used for unimagined transformations.

    It's hard to see another choice...ya know?


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