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Adrienne M: Wearing a Postcard

"The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body" -Gabrielle Roth

 It turns out that doing things that leave us breathless is good for our brains.  

Moving my body has saved my life. Hiking, scrambling, running, snow shoeing, skiing, climbing, yoga, cycling = therapy. When your mind is a mess, just let it all go, and do the thing. The thing should be hard. It will improve you. This is the lesson I have to learn again and again. It's easy to settle in with a big bowl of buttered popcorn, and watch movies. That's ok too, but it won't get us past our crap, or our pain. 

Photography is my main creative outlet. The need for both adventure and creation has led to this project. Putting photos on wearable items is impossibly fun. It's freshened up the way I look at the environment around me. When my first leggings test pieces arrived with my images and designs on them, I was ECSTATIC. Like a kid. I wear them running, and I wear them out for dinner. Even if no one else liked them, I'd still be wearing them. It's still fairly mind-blowing to me that anyone wants to wear them.   

As a photographer, I've been in business since 2002. I currently focus on commercial work, and family photos in  my everyday life. Creating scenic images on road trips is one of my big thrills, along with beer in shady roadside stops, and red wine in unexpected, windswept places. Many of the images that are now living on leggings were created on one of those road trips. 

Home base for me is Canmore. 

I'm not new to having a website, but I am quite new to having an online store. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

As for who works with me, I haven't had a proper assistant in many years. I hire out the few tasks I'm not super at myself. Unlike many of the online stores you and I encounter, this one is a one person show. If you reach out via e-mail or store chat, I respond as soon as I'm done skiing or running. Sometimes during an adventure if I'm in cell range. It's just me, and I'm SO GLAD you visited this project. 

 What do I look like?!

This is me at an event coverage a few years ago.


          Some snowshoe action!


 Me in a sketchy place at the Natural Bridge in Yoho:

The tiny person laying around on the ice at Maligne Canyon - That's me.

Lying around on the ice at Maligne Canyon

I hope you find something in the shop that you enjoy, and that you send your friends.


Adrienne M

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