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Getting in touch, and FAQ

Feel free to contact us with your questions, comments, and suggestions. As always, keep it constructive and respectful. The contact form is below the FAQ.

Cheers!  Adrienne


Frequently Asked Questions

Will your pants be available in retail locations? 

Currently you can find the Edmonton Skyline at Keylime Athletic Wear in Sherwood Park, the Daybreak Capri is at Liv Yoga in Calgary, and the Breathing Space full length yoga waist is at Yoga I Am That in Cranbrook, BC.  Wholesale inquiries welcome. We are at the Thursday Market every second week in Canmore starting June 1, 2017. 

 How do the leggings fit / feel? 

 -Snugly! Follow the sizing chart for an accurate fit. Use a measuring tape. Small really is small. My first pair should have been Scarlett, but did I listen? Nope. ;-) If you're within an inch, go smaller. If you're outside that a couple of inches, go one size up. The leggings have a nice compression feel to them. Not slack or thin.

The size names have all been changed to simply show a measurement range, and I named them for interesting literary characters.I'd love for us all to get away from treating the word and size 'small' like a compliment, and 'large' as an opposite. I'm super tired of vanity sizing. How is it that I stayed a medium through 30lbs of weight gain?! Seriously. Enough. Our sizes all fluctuate, and we are all different in proportion and shape. Measurements are objective, and only we know where we'd like to be with those.  

Sizes fit as follows:

Charlotte 24 in Waist / 35 in Hip

Lyra 26 in Waist / 37 in Hip

Scarlett 28 in Waist / 39 in Hip

Anna 31 in Waist / 42 in HIp

Emma 33 in Waist / 44 in HIp

The images and design for each pair of leggings were created by Adrienne M.

They are printed and hand made in Canada with eco-friendly inks. 

What's the fabric for the leggings and Capris like?

-Made from ultra-stretch PolySpandex blend fabric that won’t lose shape even after multiple wearings.

-Fabric is light enough for warm days (or the shorts might be for you!) and dry quickly if they get wet. This means that the upper part of the bum is a little see through. It was that, or a heavier, less comfortable fabric. We are looking for a compromise in fabric that will hide *everything*. Longer tops save the day. 

-Vivid print that won’t fade after washing.

-Easy care: machine wash cold with similar items (no towels - it roughs them up), hang to dry.

-Comfy elastic waistband finishing, and wide fabric waist for yoga style waist. 

-Cover-stitched waist band and hems.

-Printed and sewn by hand in Canada.

How long does it take to get my leggings? 

Any in-stock item ships the next business day. Most designs are made to order and they ship as soon as they are made. They are shipping 1-2 weeks after order date. This will improve for most designs as we refine our order and shipping processes. 

 What if I don't like my item?

We will exchange or refund you, no questions asked. Although, we will ask how we can make them better.  

Do you do custom pants?

YES, we do! One project for Mother's day is old kids artwork. You know all the neat things you made your mom in school that she kept? Send us *good* photos of that artwork, some personal details like Mom's favourite colour, and we will custom design your leggings for you for $95 + shipping.  

What's with the plugs to other businesses? Do they pay you? 

Ha, no! They don't even know me...I don't think. I share them because there is something I really enjoy about my experiences at those places, and I want you to go enjoy them too. 

 Would you like to *almost never* receive news from us? We use the newsletter to tell you about new designs, specials, discontinuations, events, and even a little fitness news. Just shoot us an e-mail at Subject line: Almost Never E-mail Me  


To send us a message, please use the form below.

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