Egg, meet face! December 11 2018, 0 Comments

So, we've had something that could politely be called a catastrophic e-mail F-Up. There will be a lot of apologizing in the near future. From me. The issue with Freshbooks is solved now, thanks to their responsive help line, but the worst is done. The e-mail reply I've forwarded to bewildered customers is below.



I’m so sorry you’ve received duplicate receipts for a previous AM Adventures purchase!

It’s annoying and confusing for you, very surprising and embarrassing for me.

As you may know, AM Adventures (photos on leggings, hats, etc) is the photography project of Adrienne Marie Photography. I added an app integration for the AM Adventures store which uses Shopify as an online store to import all previous sales to the main business bookkeeping, which is Freshbooks.

This was only supposed to bring in the data of the sales from the past, and make bookkeeping easier going forward. It was definitely not supposed to send hundreds of past customers a receipt for their past purchases.

No new charges have been made, and no personal information has been shared.

Thank you for your polite inquiries about what on Earth the e-mail is for. It was unintentional, unexpected, and is only a replication of the one you would have received when you made a purchase from us either online, or at one of the markets in places such as Canmore, or Invermere.

Please accept my sincerest (red faced) apologies.