What is a Virtual Market? November 19 2018, 0 Comments

There are few things as enjoyable as a market full of original creations. You may feel more alive and curious surrounded by the mix & match vendors at any artisans market in a way that is just not possible when you visit a MallWart. 

AM adventures will be experimenting with *not* spending money on certain markets, and instead offering a price that is equal to what our proceeds would be at those markets. A percentage of sales would be the cost of doing business at any market, but what if it could benefit the buyer? If we are not paying to set up at a market, we can offer a better value to our customers. It becomes a question of where the artists and makers would like to spend that money and time. 

The concept of a virtual market has stemmed from a few dozen (extremely candid) conversations with fellow market vendors. We have all noticed a downturn in how well our markets do, but there is no corresponding reduction of cost to participate in markets. The economic reality is that we pay to attend, create and purchase our stock in advance, and promote the event as well as we can. Our costs are fixed, but sales vary widely. This past year, it has felt to us like we are paying to be a kind of gallery experience for attendees at little to no cost to them. Visitors think nothing of taking photos and video of the beautiful creations and thoughtful displays of the vendors. Some of my fellow market people have actually posted (artistic) signs that say NO PHOTOS OR VIDEO. Market vendors have become entertainment, and the returns for them are diminishing.  Can you imagine going to work knowing you may only break even, or lose money? This is the way many market vendors go through the day. There is always a cost to doing business, and offering a virtual market day at a discount to the buyer allows the seller to incur the cost on actual, rather than speculative sales. 

In the coming months, some of my fellow market vendors may join me in the Virtual Market concept, and we will set up place, like a Facebook group, for offers to people looking for unique items. You will have access to any discount codes, and the website links to various artists and makers.