Let's *NOT* eat all day, K? January 09 2018, 0 Comments

Do you FREAKING LOVE TO EAT? What a coincidence, so do I! I eat when I'm happy, bored, sad. The only time this madness is suspended is during times of grief. That shuts the munch monster right off until things begin to get back to normal. Then I'm sad enough to bake a pan of brownies and leave no evidence. This is in direct contravention of my wanting to live forever. Ok, fine, I know I can't live forever, but I AM AIMING FOR 100, and I can do it. If a person is eating for longevity and health, that person needs to let the cells clean house. That person needs to avoid excess weight, and avoid riding a tidal wave of insulin for 16 hours a day. THIS GUY , Sachin Panda, has a wealth of research about how our food intake as it relates to our circadian rhythms has a huge impact on our health. There is an interview with Dr Panda HERE. If you like a podcast better, search Dr Rhonda Patrick's podcast for this same interview. There is also research that shows a drop in breast cancer incidence as detailed in THIS interview with Ruth Patterson, PhD. 

All this information leads me back to painting. Who doesn't love a pretty looking (imperfect, and totally not square...sorry) tracker? There are scads of apps out there to help us track our macros (protein, carbs, fats) but I do not stick with tracking apps. They are forgettable. I do stick with something I can quickly write on, but I'd rather not obsess over weight and minute details. I made this simple six week tracker that I can record my eating window each day, and my measurements each week. Any other health wins have a little place to write them down. I'm including it here as a free, printable download that you are welcome to use if you find it helpful. This post will be edited in the future if I make a nicer tracker, or update it. For now, please enjoy this simple page I made to help make keeping track easy. There is a minefield of rabbit holes when it comes to interesting ways to positively affect our health, like sauna use, how micro nutrients and daily activity are tied to our epigenetics. I'm no scientist, but I will loudly cheer from the sidelines for those who are doing the hard work of good science.

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Intermittent Fasting Page