The Sky Makes it March 12 2016, 0 Comments

Photography can be a speculative pursuit. Sometimes I take my camera out with an image in my head I'd like to make, and it totally comes together. The light is the right colour and intensity, the sky is dramatic, and I can find the lines. Other times, it's flat and grey outside, nothing stands out. There are days that the camera stays home in bed, and would be images call out to me. "Come back to this one when the sky is right!" It's nature's version of "Call me, maybe". So I keep the potential shot in mind, and watch the sky. Trail running is particularly good for turning up new, beautiful angles of familiar sights. Usually, I just want the image for myself, but lately, my motivation is to make something more than I would print for the wall. I want to style my favourites into a fun pair of leggings. Or a beanie...or a dress.

I have a favourite spot that I just can NOT get enough of near my home in Canmore. This image of it was swimming through my head for many weeks before the sky granted my wish and sent flirtatious orange rays across the sky, and the clouds looked appropriately serious. I had no idea what I would even make with this one, I just really liked it. Now, this image, titled Daybreak, lives on the Rocky Mountain Soap Co Women's Run Capri length design for 2016. You can see Ha Ling, and to the right of that, EEOR (East End of Rundle). It's also on the matching beanie. If you're a freak for the family of colours in the bright blue / aqua / teal neighbourhood, like I am, you're in for a treat. The plaid accent is a happy shade of aqua.

 Daybreak RMS Womens Run Beanie