Canmore Love June 04 2014, 0 Comments

At the end of May, AM Adventures was lucky enough to take part in the Expo at the RMS Women's Run. We had a draw for a pair of leggings, and the form included a couple of optional *fun* parts. These are some of the answers (many were used by more than one person) to Favourite things about Canmore - 
  • Scenery! And the runs! Love the bookstore!  (likely Cafe Books - My favourite too!)
  • People + mtn air :-)
  • Scenery / Lifestyle 
  • Mountains
  • Hiking with my friends
  • Shopping, beer, mountains
  • This run
  • Q Lake swimming on a hot day!!
  • Mountain running
  • Mountains, girlfriends, and good wine!
  • Beauty
  • Everything! 
We agree! Canmore is pretty cool. It's full of beauty, great shopping, yummy beer, and quite a few adventures. What's YOUR favourite thing about Canmore?