RaNdOm Round UP! May 28 2015, 0 Comments

Well hi there! 

How about some random things in no particular order?

-The Thursday Farmers Market in Canmore is back for the season starting June 11th! AM Adventures will have a tent there. Come visit!

 - We have a new design in the shop! Breathing Space is a capri, and we are working on a double layered set of leggings for winter runners. Hopefully this will be available beginning in October 2015.The mercifully brief newsletter with a free shipping code is HERE  The mock-up image is below.

- Canada Day is *amazing* here in Canmore! Not only is there a parade, a race , fireworks (usually, if it's safe), endless adventures, and patio space, but there will also be an outdoor Mountain Made market. OH MY!!  

- Since my main gig is photographer, I sometimes get to work on interesting projects. Last week, work took me to many places, including Edmonton. One of my jobs was to create recognizable images of the communities we were in. This one is Edmonton at sunset.

The Rocky Mountain Soap Company Women's Run was this past weekend (May 23 & 24) and it was, as always, an incredibly well done event. Over 2000 women and girls walked and ran the 5km, 10km, and 21.1km courses. There were several vendors and displays, music, dancing, fun, and friendliness. Many ladies came for some leggings and capris, some who already have a couple of pairs. It is SO FUN to see these lovely, strong, adventurous women enjoying them. THANK YOU to every single person I met this weekend for the nice things you say, for the way you share with your friends, and the way you are super freaking cool. <3