Zoe the Split Lake, MB Wonder Dog April 03 2015, 0 Comments

This is Zoe! She was a surprise. Last September, a good friend said he had the cutest puppy for me, even though I wasn't actually planning for a puppy. In this way, Zoe is like my three, unbelievably super children. Unplanned, but a beautiful, much loved addition to life. When she arrived, she had ridden in a car for the first time, and gotten sick on the way to Thompson, MB. She flew to Winnipeg, then to Calgary. My friend then drove her to Canmore to meet me. At a likely 3 months old, Zoe had never seen snow was delighted with it.  She was skinny, but playful and friendly.  This is Zoe on her first road trip, on a stop in Revelstoke. During our trip to Kelowna, puppy earned the nickname "Pees in Crosswalk". To all the nice people who were patiently stopped for us to cross, thank you! Hopefully you were still able to drive in spite of the 'laugh til you cry' moment. One of the proprietors of The Yellow House came out to visit us after our meal, and invited Zoe to join us on the patio. He made her a steak, which she inhaled.

Zoe is certainly not that little 19lb pup anymore! She's 60lbs now, and about 9-10 months old. Zoe is a great trail dog, loves to scramble, run, and play at the dog park. She is the official doggy of AM Adventures :-)