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Shorts: Rock & Roll / RMS 2018


Rock & Roll, baby! These can live under a skirt, or out in the open. Shorts make the ideal companion for those of us who run and bike in skirts. Rock & Roll Skirt Here. The photo is on the back so when your friends check out your bum, they get an even better view! 

Treat your shorts to your favourite yoga (or pilates, boxing, get the idea) class and enjoy the friendly High Fives and exclamations of "Whoa, your BUM looks great!" because everyone digs this view. 

If you are used to our leggings, these fit lower on your tummy, and the waistband is much narrower. These are made with the same wicking, quick drying polyester / spandex as our leggings, capris, and skirts. 

All sizes in the purchase drop down show waist and hip measurement. For the shorts, check your thigh measurement for the most comfortable fit.

How do they fit?  XS S M L XL
Inseam measurements 3" 3" 3.5" 3.75" 4"
Unstretched circumference at bottom hem 13" 15" 15.5" 17.5" 19"
Stretched circumference at bottom hem 20" 21" 23" 25" 27"

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