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Portrait Experience in Banff National Park


Yaaaay, you made it! If you're thinking of an easy way to commit yourself and / or your loved ones to photos, this is the easiest way there is to make it happen. Photos are fun, personal, and mean more to us as time passes. You will always be grateful that you took the time to have relaxed professional images made. Your gorgeous photos will have a gallery at that you can share with friends. Those gallery images are downloadable. You will also have a Dropbox with your folder of images for saving to your hard drive. This experience is 90 minutes long, and is likely to include 2-3 locations depending on how many people come along.

Q & A:

Can I share my session with another person / couple / family?   YES! We will stick to the same time frame and locations, and you will share the online gallery and drop box. Please plan this with me in advance of our date.

Can I buy more than one Portrait Experience and give them away?   YES! 

Is the location flexible? YES!

How long is this experience valid for after I buy it? It's valid for as long as Adrienne Marie Photography is still in business. 

Can I choose a date later? YES! Buying your Portrait Experience now means you can start planning our future photos without needing to figure out the exact time. 

How do I get a discount code? I've tried to splash it everywhere, including my Facebook Pages, Instagram, website, and Newsletter. If you haven't seen the code, please e-mail me, and I'll send you one. 

Details: This purchase is nonrefundable, but fully transferable. This means that you can sell it or give it to someone else. Be sure to contact me to make the transfer official. The use of the portrait experience is your consent to having your photos used in online portfolio, website, advertising, or any other use, unless otherwise requested. Changes of date or cancellation are FREE if the change is made 48 hours before our scheduled time, and you can make a change or a cancellation up to 3 times.  The client (That's you!) will receive a minimum of 35 high resolution, printable files from our session. We make physical prints for the wall or table if you would love that. 

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