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Mask: Cameron Falls


Have you ever been to Waterton Lakes National Park? It's got a totally different vibe from Banff or Jasper. Cameron Falls is literally right in town. To get this longer exposure at a lower level, it's possible that I hopped a fence.

Your non-medical face coverings can be just another part of your style. 

This mask has two layers of cotton with a pocket for a filter, a metal nose piece, and ear loops you tie and snip for a perfect fit. 

This mask is in stock for Medium. Other sizes currently made to order.

Size Ear-to-ear over nose
Adult X-Large 30.5 cm
Adult Large 29 cm
Adult Medium 27.5 cm
Adult Small 26 cm
Youth Large 25 cm
Youth Medium 23.5 cm
Youth Small 22 cm

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