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Men's T-Shirt: Here Comes Moraine Again


This view is something that people come from all over to world to experience for themselves. Many wake up shortly after midnight, most hoping to arrive at the bottom of the road before it closes. It closes whenever the parking area is full. During the high season, that's 6 or 6:30 am. It is 100% worth it. What's weird is arriving in the dark, and rolling past dozens of trucks and cars with people around them, usually well stocked with adventure and travel paraphernalia.  It looks like a tailgate party of mountain lovers. Moraine Lake is that perfect.  I am very lucky to take photography clients up there for photos. 

Like my other printed products, the T-shirts are printed in Canada, but unlike them, the fabric and dying is made in the U.S. and the shirt is assembled in Mexico. It's a North American effort. xox

This amazing, timeless, song is the basis for the pun... Sing with meeeeeeeee!

This shirt is currently made to order just for you! 

#GiftsForMountainLovers #WanderForTheWonder 

Bella Canvas strives to be a zero-waste company. Through fabric, paper, and plastic recycling programs they greatly reduce waste from manufacturing and by using solar panels, smart lighting, and efficient dye machines, they reduce energy and water waste. Bella Canvas is the largest garment producer in the USA and that’s no exaggeration!

On top of advocating local production, they adhere to the WRAP program for workplace standards which includes:

  • Human resources management
  • Health and safety standards
  • Environmental and eco-friendly practices
  • Legal compliance including import/export, customs compliance, and security standards
We are proud to carry Bella Canvas t-shirts not only for their well-engineered fits but also due to their upstanding values and efforts in manufacturing.

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