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Emissary of Adventure

Are you ready for some fun, adventure, and free swag? Do you have an engaged audience of fellow adventure lovers who might dig some of what we do? Are you the kind of woman who is positive, encouraging, and genuine?

What's in it for you?

*Short duration! We will begin with just a single calendar month per emissary so the commitment will be small. As we get better at this, longer terms will be available. 

*A fun photo shoot (if you can make it to Banff or Yoho) wearing AM Adventures items. You keep what you model. There will be 1-3 items, and each item needs 1-2 posts by you during your time. The images are for you and for us! They will be yours to do what you want with, including some perfectly respectable headshots you'd share with family or use as a profile pic. If you are in the U.S. and will not be able to visit us, but would still like to be a part of this program, we will ship you your items. We will also find a way to compensate (cash, product credit, photo credit, etc.) the person who makes your social post photos with our items. 

*Free stuff as mentioned above

*A coupon code so that you can share a deal that benefits your audience and friends for trying us out.

*We will promote and talk about you! As one of our Emissaries, we want to share what you're up to and help you grow an engaged following that really gets you, and enjoys your posts. You may find other accounts to follow that inspire you. It's an upward spiral for everyone! 

 What do you do?

Use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter or your blog to post candid, fun, silly, action /  adventure or post adventure chill time in your AM Adventures stuff. Activities that are a really good fit include yoga, running, hiking, or cycling. Climbing is good too, but the fabrics do not love abrasion. Maybe post climbing snacks & socializing. You'll tag us, and use our hashtags, and your own favourites as well. Your photos should be clear, with nice colour and composition, but you do not have to look perfect. Real life is made of out-takes, and those are awesome too! 

Ideally, your posts will generate interest, shares, and sales. As we grow, there will be commission for you for the sales. If you are comfortable starting out with free things for posts / tags / mentions for a set term, we can evolve as AM Adventures grows.  Other brands and small businesses are welcome to reach out if you think that we can help each other out.

This should go without saying, but your posts will include NO illegal activity, no unkindness, no discrimination based on politics, religion, sex or sexual orientation, or otherwise divisive topics. AM Adventures is about respect, challenge, acceptance, and growth. 


To apply to be our Adventure Emissary, copy and paste the section below and e-mail us at:  If you are accepted, we will send you a copy of the boring but necessary official terms. 


Are you over 18?

City / Town / Country:

Favourite adventures:

The social handles you'd be posting to:

What activities are you most likely to feature in your posts for AM Adventures?

Do you work with other brands? If so, which ones?

Write a paragraph about yourself including anything you want us to know. 

Do you have any questions for us?

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